Nearly two out of three cancer patients seeking proton therapy are initially denied by their insurers.

A new Alliance report – Cancer Care Denied: The Broken State of Patient Access to Proton Therapy – documents through patient stories and data the heavy emotional and financial burden cancer patients endure trying to get their insurer’s approval for physician-recommended proton radiation therapy.

The Alliance is calling on insurance commissioners in all 50 states to adopt and enforce the principles of a Cancer Patients’ Timely Treatment Bill of Rights and hold insurers accountable for providing fair, timely, and transparent access to cancer treatment.


"Proton beam radiation will target my tumor and not surrounding tissue, and to me is the clear choice. Unfortunately, my insurance company doesn’t agree with me or my team of medical experts and has denied coverage."

Patients and family members are the most powerful advocates for fair and timely proton therapy access. You know best what needless delays and denials of treatment can mean for patients who are fighting to survive cancer.


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