The Alliance for Proton Therapy Access is working to make sure all cancer patients seeking proton therapy receive fair and timely payment decisions from their health insurers.

We are an alliance of proton community advocates – patients, families, physicians, and more – standing with cancer patients who are saying, Tell Insurers: Fight Cancer, Not Me because insurers have denied proton therapy or subjected patients to harmful delays in treatment.

We’re asking insurers for transparency and a commitment to a fair and fast proton therapy approval process. And we’re asking advocates to amplify our call by signing an online petition. Too many cancer patients are suffering undue health risks, anxiety, and financial hardship when insurers subject them to lengthy, confusing appeals processes that delay and in some cases, deny proton therapy treatment.


"Proton beam radiation will target my tumor and not surrounding tissue, and to me is the clear choice. Unfortunately, my insurance company doesn’t agree with me or my team of medical experts and has denied coverage."

Patients and family members are the most powerful advocates for fair and timely proton therapy access. You know best what needless delays and denials of treatment can mean for patients who are fighting to survive cancer.


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