The Alliance for Proton Therapy Access is working to make sure all cancer patients seeking proton therapy receive fair and timely payment decisions from their health insurers.

Cancer patients and their doctors want the best possible treatment that offers the highest quality of life. That’s why physicians recommend proton therapy for many cancer diagnoses. But too many people are suffering undue health risks, anxiety, and financial hardship when insurers subject them to lengthy, confusing appeals processes that delay and in some cases, deny treatment.

Patients, families, caregivers, and physicians are speaking out. When it comes to cancer, we don’t have time to waste on unnecessary bureaucracy – patients need quick answers to life-threatening problems.


"I had one mission: to fight this cancer with everything I had. Little did I know, not only would I be waging a war on cancer, I would be battling my insurance company in order to access proton therapy."

Patients and family members are the most powerful advocates for fair and timely proton therapy access. You know best what needless delays and denials of treatment can mean for patients who are fighting to survive cancer.


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